Welcome, in the name of Jesus. I am a minister of God, so ordained.

Omnipotent Grace is where I explore contemporary reformed Christianity, and defend against attacks on the faith.

No-one can ever take any credit for anything from their own power, all glory in Heaven and on earth belongs to God. We are commanded to teach, and to defend the faith humbly and lovingly. I try to do so to the glory of God alone.

I adhere to the principles of the reformation, stated so elegantly by the 5 sola’s:

1. Sola Scriptura – God inspired Scripture is the only standard for doctrine and practice

2. Sola Gratia – Every aspect of salvation is by the grace of of God alone

3. Sola Christo – Salvation is through Christ alone

4. Sola Fide – Faith alone is the gift from God that allows God’s people to receive knowledge and rely upon Christ for their salvation

5. Sola Deo Gloria – All that happens on earth, good and bad, is predestined for the glory of God

My father was orphaned at a very young age, and was taken in by an uncle and aunt who raised him as their own child. This uncle left a legacy saying when he passed on, which I have always thought to be fruitful:

  • Look up and be faithful
  • Look forward and be encouraged
  • Look back and be thankful

* J. Coetzee -25 June 1988

My father has also since passed away, and these words were at his eulogy:

“God is before you to make the road smooth, He is next to you to hold you in his His arms, behind you to ward off attacks from evil, below you to carry you should you fall, inside of you to inspire you, around you to protect you and above you so that you may receive grace.” – Johannes Augustus, 21st October 2008.

May he rest in peace with our Lord.

Welcome once again to my humble online abode. May God bless you and keep you.