Missing the Really Big Picture

The full-scale assault on the rights of Christians continue with more aggression and hatred than ever before. Anyone who dares profess faith in what God actually says, and not what secular liberals demand, is labeled as a “religious nut”.

In one of the latest such assaults, volunteers at a Houston cemetery are prohibited from mentioning God or Jesus. (http://punditpress.blogspot.com/2011/06/va-cemetery-to-veterans-word-god-jesus.html)

Setting aside for the moment the political agenda of the people who make these decisions, do they even consider the bigger ramifications of their position and enforcement of anti-Christian sentiments? Do they even think through the bigger picture, or is it simply knee-jerk politics and liberal pandering?

What is the bigger picture? The bigger picture of course, is God.

If God exists, then there should be no question, ever, about acknowledging, respecting and honoring Him. The creator of all that is, the one that is the greatest love of all, and the ruler of heaven and earth surely stands above all man-made conventions?There can be nothing more important than God, in such a case, regardless of political correctness.

The question of God’s existence has been debated for as many years as mankind has had a mind capable of doing so, by many smart and educated people, and it is still being debated. Yet, some act as if the question has been definitively answered in the negative, that God does not exist, and that therefore, any mention of God is offensive.

That logic is, well, simply illogical. If God doesn’t exist, then why bother preventing any mention of Him? Surely it is only the small-minded that will be offended by the fictitious? You don’t hear these same people going around complaining about the mention of “The Force” as part of the Jedi religion, and preventing public expression of that. No, it is Christianity and the Christian God being singled out for this special treatment. Why is that?

The other part of the bigger picture is this, if God exists, then everyone will one day be held to account before Him. For Christians, that is a day of joy and victory when we can humbly bow before God and acknowledge His grace, love and acceptance through the sacrifice of Christ. But for those who are against God, things will not quite go so well.

What we can deduce from the actions of those that seek to prevent the free expression of the Christian faith is that they either have indisputable proof that God does not exist, which I doubt, or that they see themselves as bigger and more important than both God, and the eternal fate of others in the world. What other explanation can there possibly be?

If they should answer that we should not “force” our religion on others, then the simple question is this…what are we allowed to “force” on others, and why? No-one can be forced to believe anything, it is the result of their own free will. But of course their non-belief should be forced on everyone.

If the answer is that we should not offend those of other religions, then we are almost back at square one…has this specific person determined absolutely that all religions are equally valid and true? Have they engaged in a rigorous process of internal and external criticism of the different religions, and comparative religious study? Because if they did, then they would know that such a statement and belief is ludicrous. Religions, while they may have some broad common elements, are exclusively true. You simply cannot logically arrive at a point where they are all equally true.

That leaves just one option…these people think they are more important than God. They believe that they can make implied statements about His existence, launch petty little sneak attacks against Christians, and in the process, they deny Him before the world. Good luck with all that.


One response to “Missing the Really Big Picture

  1. It deeply saddens me when I see the depth of the moral and religious decay our planet is in, it has not been this bad ever. When standing up for my belief in Jesus qualifies me as a nut then yeah baby I am as nuts as it gets. All we can do is to is follow Jesus’ command of the great commission and reach as many as we can with the good news. As long as we are willing, God is able(and willing) to save his beloved creation. Not all will make to be sure but the bibles does say in John 1:12 “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” I believe we are blessed to be a blessing and we should operate in the world as such.

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