The Amber Wilkins Miracle

I saw a prayer request a couple of months ago on one of our local forums. It was for Amber Wilkins, a 25-year old Nebraska woman, who was critically hurt in a car accident. Even worse, her younger sister died 10 years ago, also in a car accident. Imagine the absolute horror for the Wilkins family when they had to live through a second tragedy with a child.

For some reason, the story grabbed me more than the many others I’ve seen over the years, and I became one of the anonymous many who said prayers for Amber. I started following her daily updates on Caringbridge, and like so many, was anxious, then hopeful and finally relieved when she survived and started a long and hard road to recovery.

Her update today has an insightful interview with her dad, that I would like to share: The Best Christmas Ever

It is indeed inspirational how steadfastly her family has held on to their faith, and trusts Christ for the best possible outcome for His Kingdom, first in the tragic death of her younger sister, and then through this ordeal. God does give His children strength through difficult times, even when it is possibly the worst.

I don’t know Craig Wilkins and his family. I am just one of the many who has shared in their grief and joy through the internet, and asked that Amber be spared, and then healed. But instead of people like me helping the Wilkins family, they have been helping us. They have showed us how to deal with tragedy, and simply let God use their difficulties for His glory.  We can all learn a lesson in complete trust and faith from them.

I invite all of you to carry Amber and her family in you prayers, thank God for her life and the power of her message, and learn from how God worked in their lives, even in the most horrendous of circumstances. To God be all the glory.


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