The Reason For Christmas

Here we are again, another Christmas. And another round of fights about Christmas trees in public places, Christian songs for school choirs and other stupid debates about things like the real date of Christ’s birth, whether Christmas is a pagan holiday co-opted by early Christians, or whether Jesus in fact ever existed.

So let’s make it real simple. Here is what Christmas is about:

  1. There is a God that created all that is.
  2. That includes mankind, who then proceeded to fall short of what God intended for them (Thanks Satan).
  3. God, being fair and just, has to hold His creation to account for breaking His rules.
  4. That doesn’t work out for mankind, who can’t ever do enough for making things right on their own.
  5. God, also being loving and merciful, then starts Christmas, by sending His Son to make things right on our behalf.

Christmas is a celebration of:

  • God’s mercy to not punish us for what we do.
  • God’s power to make things right for us.
  • God’s love by sending this crooked and broken world His Son to be humiliated and killed so that we don’t have to be.
  • God’s victory over sin, the final blow to evil.
  • Our unity with God through the belief that that is what He did.

The biggest gift of all is eternal life that God made possible for us, and that we have had since God created the world, and wrote the narrative of the world’s history as it is playing out. All of the arguments and debates and bickering about trees and songs and dates doesn’t change this one bit.

So have yourself a Merry Christmas in the belief that God is the Almighty Creator and Savior. Accept His gift…the reason for Christmas.


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