The Christian Wackos

Since the injury of Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Jon Kitna has been playing as the starter. A comment left on an article about Kitna said something to the effect of: “He is known as a Christian wacko, who may stop playing in the middle of a game and lead a prayer circle.” These types of comments are not uncommon. Many who chose not to hide their Christianity are often called extremist, wacko, too much etc.

For me as a Christian, comments like these are simply sad, for those who make these kinds of comments. Calling me an idiot or a wacko or an extremist does nothing to me. I know non-Christians are offended by the Gospel. I know that Christians will be called all kinds of names by those who cannot be bothered to really understand the reasoning behind Christianity. And I know that the recent spate of insults in book form by the popular atheist writers will embolden and encourage non-Christians to be insulting and degrading. After all, that is the all the argument presented by modern atheism.

I have met and debated some really nice people that are not Christians, and appreciate that we can be mutually respectful when discussing Christianity in reasoned and logical way. But when I see someone calling Christians wacko, it makes me wonder how much such a person really knows, and how much he really thinks. I do give them props for being honest though, because in such a worldview there can be no wrong to call someone wacko.

Unfortunately Christians are not completely innocent. Some Christians have chosen to pervert the Gospel, and I would be lying if I said that having seen what passes for “Christianity” in some places the phrase “wacko” also enter my mind. It is good to be zealous for the Lord, and it is good not to hide ones faith. But be sure that the Gospel you proclaim is the one and only true Gospel.

Also, it is another sad consequence of the internet that people can say things without there being any consequences. The tone of dialogue has changed significantly over the last 10 years, to become more rude and less sensitive, and as a result, less intellectual. No longer does one have to measure every word, because one is free to insult without being held to account, or having to explain ones reasoning.

So feel free to call me a Christian wacko, or an extremist, or whatever you fancy. For me it will only serve to illustrate your intellectual and moral bankruptcy.


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