If only Christians knew…

The refrain is getting tiresome. I read it again this week: “If only Christians knew what science was really about…”, then, I suppose, it follows that we will also accept the atheistic conclusions that those who normally utter that phrase want us to. Christians are regarded as scientific neanderthals, moronic and blinded from reality by some religious obsession and utterly incapable and/or unwilling to even try and understand “science”.

What a load of nonsense. Because what they really mean is that Christians should accept the atheistic preconditions for abusing science to reach predetermined naturalist conclusions. It has little to do with science, per se, but everything to do with premeditated conclusions hidden behind a flimsy curtain of weak philosophy and untenable empiricism.

The chances of a Christian being unfamiliar with science is extremely remote. From elementary school through college, we learn about science. I myself hold undergrads in physics and electronics engineering, and postgrad in systems engineering, and I know many other Christians with qualifications in science and applied science. Most Christians have a decent understanding of science, and many are qualified in scientific areas.

But how about if we turn this around? I know that Dawkins, for example, refuses to even acknowledge the existence of anything outside of his preconceived atheism, and so do many of his disciples. Ironic, since that is exactly the “head-in-the-sand” attitude that they are so fond of accusing Christians of.

So, what if Christians said “If only atheists knew what Christianity was really about…”  Theology does not have the benefit of being taught in school. And sad to say, is not addressed in most churches either. The unfortunate result is that most people, including many Christians, are unfamiliar with the richness of Christian study.

Most people think of Christianity only in terms of doctrine, and while doctrine makes up a decent part of what one studies in Christianity, there is so much more. There is archeology, textual integrity and criticism, cultural influence and then of course the incredibly richness of Christian philosophy, something which the majority of people are utterly unfamiliar with. In fact, it is painfully obvious just how illiterate people are about Christian philosophy when one reads not only the insipid screeds from Dawkins, Harris and the like, but also comments from the general public, even some Christians.

The responsibility falls on us as Christians to deliver and explain what Christianity is about. From my perspective there is too little of that in contemporary churches, and too much of  the shallow “what’s in it for me” preachin’. There are virtually no public academic avenues left, and mainstream media and entertainment is militantly anti-Christian.

If Christians do not educate themselves on the richness and depth of Christianity, and take that message to the public sphere, we will continue to hear this tired refrain from atheists, and continue to see little response.

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