Three Choices…

Wow, one gets busy and when you look again you haven’t blogged in a month or so. There is so much I want to write about that has happened, things that I’ve seen and then the writings and debates that is turning Christianity more and more into a an unrecognizable liberal politically correct mess. But for today, there is this…

There is really only three choices when it comes to spirituality and religion: 1. Atheism, 2. Deism and 3. Theism. I know that is not an earth shattering revelation or insight, but it just hit me once again over the summer how such a seemingly simple matter can have incredible consequences. Even before we start any real spiritual discussion, there is the small matter of how we arrive at our belief.

In a recent article on the role of women in the church, the comments section was filled with the normal atheistic drivel of how there is no God, and how believing in God was the same as believing in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. Of course, these “insights” were left with the normal lack of explanation as to how the writer arrived at that conclusion.

But that is not the topic, really. The topic really is this: If one is a deist or atheist, what deeper purpose does life hold? Why should one act in a specific way? What are the personal consequences of not acting in that way? It is not a matter of whether there is right or wrong, it is a matter of why does it matter if there is no God, or if there is some kind of god that is impersonal and removed?

People sure act as if it doesn’t matter how they behave. And that is the consequence of starting with ego, starting with the self, and using the self as the measuring stick for all that is. And to be honest, if there is no personal Creator and Sustainer God, then it doesn’t matter. Because whatever one person, or a group of people do or don’t do has effectively zero impact on the universe. A human life is so short that it wouldn’t even register as a quick flash, and over the billions of years of existence, the 80-odd years of a human lifespan is ridiculously invisible. So it doesn’t matter by orders of magnitude in the bigger scheme of things.

But why then do we bother to seek meaning at all? It’s not as if any meaning will matter, no matter how much we want it to. Love, beauty, happiness, sadness, anger, enthusiasm, seriousness all just don’t matter in the absence of something bigger. It is just a big game of bluffing oneself into believing that life matters. That making a difference means something. That love is a good feeling and anger is bad. It is irrelevant. So if one is fully convinced there is no personal God, he or she should stop acting as if anything really matters. Just stop it. Your miserable existence will soon dissolve into non-existence, and the universe will continue to slowly grind on in extreme heat and cold, spewing particles and expanding to destruction.

But if one wants to find meaning in life, true meaning, then one cannot do so without seeking it in the context of a personal God. And whether one wants to admit it or not, everyone looks for deeper meaning in life. Everyone desperately wants to have an opinion that counts and an audience to listen to it. Everyone wants to be loved, and if they cannot be loved, be hated then. An impersonal universe, or impersonal god, cannot bring forth personal feelings, just like life cannot come from non-life.

So the three choices comes down to two answers….life matters or it doesn’t. And since everyone to some extent believe that personal feelings and expectations exist, it follows that it needs to be in a bigger personal context. As our pastor is so fond of saying, one cannot hoist oneself up by ones own bootstraps, and therefore one cannot have this curiosity by creating it from the non-personal.

The Christian God is the ultimate personal God. He shows human emotions, like love and anger. He is interested in human lives, and interacts with humans in various ways. He also makes very clear in what context meaning should be seen, where it comes from and how we can find the true meaning of life, that which matters eternally.

In a broken world we all seek meaning. Just as one cannot see the real world through broken glasses, in the same way one cannot find real meaning in a world where meaning has been broken. One can only find meaning by seeing it as the unbroken One sees it, through what He has revealed to us.

If you have made your choice about the meaning of life, then so be it. But don’t be a hypocrite about it by feigning one way or the other. What I say does not matter if God does not exist. And what you say does not matter either.

But let me urge you, seek meaning in the right place, in the right context, from the One who gave us meaning, and a reason to exist. For if there is no God, then why do we exist at all?

Seek God, and find meaning.


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