Misunderstanding the Laws of God

The universe works in a certain way, scientifically speaking. We identify the consistent behavior of the natural order as the laws of nature. Those laws, in general, are irreducible. We are able to explain the observations that has lead us to formulate those laws, and are also pretty sure that those laws determine how objects behave. It is consistent, reliable and predictable. We can predict consequences.

There is no naturalistic, non-circular reason for that being so. It is so because that is the way God created the universe, and that is what He intended. The regularity and predictability of the universe is mentioned quite often in the Bible, and in the context of creation. We confirm this in Psalms:

Psa 104:19  He made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows its time for setting.

So what misunderstanding am I talking about? I recently came to understand that this consistency and regularity of God’s laws do not only apply to the natural laws that He created, but also the moral laws. Human actions have consequences. When God says that He does not want us to act in a certain way, He means that there will be consequences if we don’t. The Bible is equally as full of examples of that as it is of the regularity of the natural laws.

One can name the OT kings of Israel, and see how Saul, Solomon and David, all favored by God, and anointed as kings, yet who strayed from the direct instructions that God gave them, leading to the eventual destruction of the nation of Israel. They did not understand, or were just too stubborn, to realize that when one breaks the moral laws of God, there is certain to be consequences.

Many people are equally as naive or stubborn today, preferring to believe that living in unbroken sin will have no consequences. Yes, as Christians we are forgiven, and we will not face the one big consequence, eternal damnation. But even for Christians there are consequences when they disobey God. One only has to look at the divorce rate, or how many people are financially bankrupt because of greed to see how people continue to be naive. God’s moral law has a certain and specific consequence, just like God’s natural law dictates the movement of objects in the universe.

It is the way that God intended it to be, that there are certain causes and effects, also in His moral law. It is fixed and certain. One may object and say that many people get away with disregarding the effects of God’s moral laws. I don’t think so. Everyone will experience the heartbreak and torture that goes with the consequences of the moral law. No-one is perpetually happy, disease-free or euphoric.

So think about the way that you go through life. Even if you are a faithful and serious Christian, do you understand the effects of God’s laws? How do you walk through life, as someone who understands that, or as someone who taunts the very creation?

I would suggest one lives a much happier life if one understands the immutability of all of God’s laws.


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