A simple faith

Sometimes I wonder whether we needlessly complicate things when it comes to faith. After all, it isn’t really that hard. It’s when we try to overextend for the wrong reasons that we end up in polemics that serve pride, not the Heavenly Father.

That’s not to say that sound scholarship isn’t needed. It is, because it helps us gain a deeper understanding of our faith. But if it does not lead to sanctification, but rather a distant academic interest, then I would question the value of spending countless hours pouring over texts. A simple faith is what makes it possible for many millions around the world to believe. It requires not very much understanding, but it does require a core change, the change from pride to humility, brought about by a basic understanding that there is something bigger and greater than us, who decided to give us the gift of eternal life away from pain and anguish should we choose to believe that He did that, even though we are undeserving.

I get many comments on this blog which I simply delete, because they are of no value except to demonstrate the hypocrisy and ignorance of those who choose to leave them here. In fact, I may doing them a favor in not publicly allowing them to make fools of themselves. But what it does demonstrate is that pride most assuredly causes many a man to stumble, resulting with his foot firmly planted in his mouth.

They seem to mistake the elegant simplicity of the Christian faith for a lack of substance. They seem to arrogantly boast that they know it all, knowing with certainty that there is no God, thinking that there is no way it can be that simple. They cling desperately to an air of intellectual superiority, while epistemologically floating in mid-air. They feign moral outrage at a so-called “hateful” God, while ironically leaving hatefilled messages for Christians. They default to humanism and naturalism and spiritualism, while they live with a simple faith of their own…faith in their own ability to arrive at the truth from within themselves, an impossible proposition.

The Christian faith is simple, not because it lacks substance or is intellectually untenable. It is simple because that is the way God intended it, a message of hope and love contained in a few sentences. But a message one will not respond to if blinded by pride and arrogance, and deafened by the roar of one’s own rhetoric.

Listen and think quietly, and hear the simple message. The voice of the Father is calling you home, and all He asks is that you answer.


One response to “A simple faith

  1. Good post. It’s very tempting for Reformed Christians to push the idea of “Justification by Correct Doctrine”. Doctrine does matter, and one of those important doctrines is Sola Fide. Simple enough. We come to Christ as babes, and even when we mature spiritually, we still must be as children relying on our Heavenly Father for everything.

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