God at our right hand

Psa 16:8  I have set the LORD always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.

The right hand is significant throughout the Bible as a symbol of strength and power. For example, we read that it is God’s right hand that shatters the enemy (Exo 15:6  Your right hand, O LORD, glorious in power, your right hand, O LORD, shatters the enemy.) and that alludes to Jesus, who sits at the right hand of God.

In the verse from Psalms we see that King David describes God as being at his right hand. God, at our right hand, is our hope and strength so that even in the most trying of times, we will not be shaken. When I heard a sermon preached around setting God before us, always, and trusting that because He is at our right hand, in the seat of power, we will be able to continue steadfast in our faith, many images went through my head.

I started thinking about all the ways that we go through life with God at our right hand. Sometimes, we walk hand in hand, with our lives in harmony with God’s will and intentions. Other times we are sad, and He gently carries us in the crook of His elbow. Many times we are rebellious, and we have to be dragged by the right hand like a kicking and screaming toddler to where we can get back to walking hand in hand. In some cases we are hurt, and we are draped across His shoulder like a fireman carries a casualty. Sometimes we push with our right hand on His shoulder to move forward. Many times we just quietly sit together and hold hands, in meditation and worship, in adoration and humility, in being together.

He is always there, at our right hand, to make sure that we don’t stumble in any respect. Through all the travails of this imperfect life God is steadfastly at our right hand, sometimes pulling, sometimes bracing, sometimes pushing, but always there. He is indeed in the seat of power, at the place where we look to draw our strength from. We shall always put God before us, letting Him lead the way, knowing that we cannot be shaken in our faith.

Because He has us by the right hand, and is never letting go.


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