Honoring my father

This morning, at the age of 77, my father went to be with the Lord. It was very sudden, he was a fit and active man, and he went as he always wished, suddenly and without warning or suffering.

I thank the Lord our God for his life, for the privilege to be the son of such a man. His steadfastness, work ethic and integrity was overshadowed only by his love for his God and his family. He was always a pillar of strength in our family, and there was many a time that I needed his words of wisdom, his encouragement or his reprimands. He was a loving, kind and gentle husband and father.

One can truly say of him: “Hear, O sons, a father’s instruction, and be attentive, that you may gain insight..”

He has left an indelible legacy in the world through his family and work, and he will be sorely missed.

Please pray for my family as we mourn a great husband, father and grandfather.


4 responses to “Honoring my father

  1. I’m so sorry, John, as you will be bound to miss him so much. Yet I know you will meet up with him again one day, and meanwhile, will undoubtedly have precious memories such that he will never be far from you. Our parents are special, no matter what, and it sounds as though he was a marvellous blessing in your life. My prayers for you all.

  2. Sorry to hear that John. You and your family are in our prayers.

    While we may rejoice in the fact that a child has made it home, he will certainly be missed.

  3. I’m very sorry to hear the sad news John. I think I know what you are feeling since I lost my Dad a few years ago. It is very painful, especially around the holidays. In fact, I’m still not over it. My thoughts and prayers for you and your family..

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