Tolle and Oprah’s church – A comprehensive Christian response

Richard Abanes has written a book to answer Eckhardt Tolle’s “A New Earth”.

The book is called A New Earth, An Old Deception: Awakening to the Dangers of Eckhart Tolle’s #1 Bestseller.

It mostly takes the form of a quote from Tolle, followed by a response from Abanes. The format works quite well, since it identifies and isolates where Tolle is misinterpreting and misusing the Bible and Christian teachings. Abanes also exposes the contradictory positions held by Tolle himself, and in some cases, how Oprah accepts these positions and Tolle’s misuse of Scripture without question.

After starting with a brief biography of Tolle, the book provides 80 different quotes from Tolle, followed by a Christian response to each. The answers are well-written and consistent with Christianity. However, if you have not read Tolle’s book, then Arbanes’ book may be a bit hard to follow in places.

The book effectively dismantles Tolle’s presentation so enthusiastically embraced by Oprah. Christians considering the teachings of Tolle, as well as those wishing to address those who believe Tolle, will do well to read it.

It is abundantly clear from this volume that Oprah’s church, founded on the teachings of Tolle is not Christian, nor is it compatible with Christianity.


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