None so blind…

We often hear the question, as I again recently did: If God exists, why does He not make His existence more visible? Why is it that we have to scratch around with secondary evidence and inference to try and prove that He exists? Why does He not just reveal Himself like the next full moon and be done with it?

These types of questions leave myself and many other Christians perplexed, not because we can’t or won’t answer them, but because we simply do not understand that someone cannot see how God has revealed Himself.

The title of this post is often completed as “None so blind as those who don’t want to see.” And that may very well apply in many cases. Secular scientists often level that criticism at Christians who deny the conclusions drawn by scientific experiments. Face it, sometimes people just don’t want to see things the way that we want them to see it.

How then, do we change their minds? Can we, should we even try or should we just let them wallow in their ignorance?

When it comes to the gospel, however, the saying is a little different. It may read something like: “There is none so blind as those who cannot see” Whoa, you say. That is pretty stupid. By definition the blind cannot see, so that saying is not much more than a tautology, and we are no closer to answering the question at hand, why God doesn’t just announce His existence on the 9’o’clock news.

The saying in that form comes directly from Scripture:

2Co 4:4  In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

Until I read this verse, I was truly perplexed on why non-believers just won’t come to the same conclusions I do from the same evidence. And since most of us were non-believers at some point in time, what changed? How do you go from being a skeptic to a believer? How do you, in the words of Paul above, go from being blind in your mind, to seeing what other believers see, that God is revealed in everything around us?

According to the verse above, unbelievers are blinded by the “god of this world”. That is the evil one, that one which brought sin, suffering and disaster into this world. Essentially, we suffer from the consequences of sin, which blinds us to the gospel and the revelation that God has given us.

Hang on, you say. That is pretty convenient. You want to quote to me from that which you want me to believe in so that I can believe in it? No, not at all, because I cannot make you believe anything, any more than you can make me believe anything. Remember the different conclusions from the same data? That is still valid.

The truth is that only God can make one believe. Only God can remove the obstacles so that one may see. Now God did remove the consequences of sin when He sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay the price for all our sins on the cross. Paul says in the next breath:

2Co 4:6  For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Christians, stop being perplexed by the question above. Non-believers cannot come to the same conclusions we do, and we need to be sensitive to that fact. Rather respond with patience and ask God to illuminate their lives with the truth so that they may see.

And for the unbeliever who truly wants to see what Christians see, put your faith in something else than yourself. In fact, you are already doing that when you put your faith in scientists, atheist scholars and philosophers and the conclusions they reach. Put your faith in God, ask Him to open your eyes to His truth and reveal Himself.

And then we may change the saying to: “None so blessed as those who see.”


3 responses to “None so blind…

  1. That’s why a good apologist must always add the gospel to their arguments. It does no good to strip the unbeliever naked if we have no clothes to give him afterwards. Sadly, even I get caught in the trap of trying to save souls through arguments.

  2. Sometimes I have found you could throw all the apologists in the world at certain unbelievers and they still won’t believe. Kind of wonder if their conscience is seared.

    1 Timothy 4:2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

  3. Gman, it is not for us to decide nor affirm. We are commanded to preach the gospel and defend the faith, and we can do no more. If such a staunch atheist as Flew can change, then there is hope for all of them. But I share your frustration, we would like to see results, not process.

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