The ontology of chance

It happened by chance. No, seriously, we are all here because of chance. It is the uncaused first cause, it is the beginning, it is the omnipotent power that has taken the place of any metaphysical entity, it is, in short, the power that killed God.

Of course, that is highly absurd. Logic rests upon the principle that everything that comes into existence has a cause. But that cause has to exist to begin with.

Chance, I’m afraid, does not fit that bill. It has no being. It is not an entity. It has no power. It is no thing. It does not have the power to affect other things. Chance is not.

And if we say “by chance”, it is mere equivocation. Adding the word “by” does not suddenly change chance into a causative power. It doesn’t become the means by which things happen. It remains in a state of non-existence. It still leads to nonsense.

So essentially, if we say that something has come about by chance, we say that it is self-created. It disposes of one of the primary laws of logic, the law of non-contradiction, adopted by science as ex nihilo nihil fit.

The consequence is rapid descent into irrationality. Because if something comes about by chance, i.e. via self-creation, then it means that thing had to have had the power of being before it existed. It would have needed causal power before existing.

The bottom line is that unless there was something that is eternal and self-existent, nothing could exist. It is the first cause. The only alternative is no cause. And the mere fact that we are contemplating this issue is proof that the no cause alternative is possible, if absurd. Because it requires that all we see is both eternal, but also self-caused.

The only issue that really remains is to dispose of the absurdity of chance as a creative power, and explore the ontology of the self-existent first cause.


One response to “The ontology of chance

  1. The problem here is that the Darwinists say that it is not entirely chance that builds everything. They say it is natural selection with chance. The problem here is where and what is natural selection going to select to get started? It is a god unto itself.

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