Truth and worldviews

I have written much here in the past on what the Christian worldview is. But practically, what does it mean?

To accurately address that question, we must first look at truth. Objective real truth. Because if there is no truth, then worldview has no meaning other than the whims and flutters of deranged individuals. It is an unfortunate consequence of our postmodern culture that ultimate truth is either denied outright, or that it is compartmentalized into subsets of societal and individual truths.

If there is only one ultimate truth, then the worldview that is underwritten by that truth should be pervasive in its effects and execution. Because who would want to live a lie?

Yet we see across especially western society that artificial boundaries are drawn, with cultural relativism as one truth statement, based on secular humanism.  This is in opposition to the “nutters” (to quote Tony Blair), who have an individual Christian (or other religious) worldview. Let the realists take care of the issues of society, like political leadership, economics, science and art. Its ok for the Christian to hold his beliefs, but those beliefs are true only for that individual, and he therefore has no right to expect society at large to be influenced by those beliefs.

And unfortunately, many Christians have bought into this double tiered system of segregating Christianity from society. In fact, this separation is so pervasive that Christians themselves are denying that there should be a connection between their faith and society.  The motivation for those who believe that is usually a mumbled verse or two about not judging others, or some argumentum ad absurdium that it will lead to a theocracy ruled by religious extremists. (Hint: The west is already ruled by religious extremists in a theocracy, their religion is secular humanism with an atheistic worldview.)

But how should we as Christians then firstly view this, and secondly, change it?

If the Christian God and His revelation is the ultimate truth, then there is no boundaries to that truth. Truth has no limits in terms of its application. Therefore, there must be a Christian method of science, education and economics. The political system should be inherently Christian, art should be to glorify God. Society, in terms of culture, must be a Christian society. This does not only mean that everyone should personally believe in the Christian God, but that the structures of society must be Christian by nature.

Because, where does the redemption stop? Or, to take it a step back, where did creation stop? All is created by God, also that which flows forth from the creative fiat, and that includes our cultural structures.

If you claim to hold a Christian worldview, do you live that through your job? many answer yes, I don’t steal, I am diligent in executing my duties, I don’t gossip, cuss or lie, in short, I try to live like a Christian even while at work. And while that is certainly commendable, is it what a Christian worldview means? Is that not taking it back to the dualism of personal faith vs a secular worldly culture?

There are many volumes written on what a Christian method of education may look like, or a Christian scientific method, or a Christian government. There is no excuse, no shortage of answers. Only a lack of will, a fear of being called crazy by those who deny the ultimate truth. Because their version of the ultimate truth, steeped in radical skepticism and intellectual question begging, is designed to mock and denigrate.

If you call yourself a Christian, are you truly working towards a Christian society with a Christian culture, or does your world, and therefore your worldview, stop at your eyelids? Do you back down in the face of radical humanism, which at its very core is atheistic? How do you reconcile that with what you, as a Christian, consider to be the only truth?

Free yourself from the chains of secular captivity. Because the ultimate truth is the only truth worth living.


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