Protestant-Christian world- and lifeview (Part 3)

Continuing the series of principles of the Protestant-Calvinistic-Christian worldview. I want to point out that this work would not have been possible without extensive research into the work of Prof HG Stoker.

5. The Principle of God’s Law-order

This principle is also very important in the Protestant Christian worldview. The law-order is creaturely, established by God for, with and through His creation. The law-order exists and is valid, not as something subjective, but also not as something as eternal and absolute as God. Everything in creation is subject to the law-order of God. Even when someone transgresses a law, he can never stand outside or above the law-order. Through His law order, also in nature, God maintains and decrees His creation.

Again, this principle is of fundamental religious and universal importance for all human activity, also in science.

6. The Principles of Sin and Evil, and Regeneration and Redemption

According to God’s Word-revelation, He created the world, the cosmos including man, good. But after that man fell into sin and the world into evil. Sin is to forsake calling, go astray from the right way, violation of destiny and fundamental hostility and rebellion against God, who is the Origin and Purpose of all things, while evil is apostasy.

The Reformed Christian sees this basic abnormality in its full reality and seriousness without trying to gloss it over. Because God, and God alone, is the only, absolute and all-sufficient Foundation of all that exists, the radicality of this apostasy demonstrates its incredible efficacy.

The principle of abnormality has universal validity. The sin that settles in the heart of man and from there into his whole life, all his deeds, his religion and all cultural environments, his individual personality and all human social environments, and all of history, causes man to be totally depraved and corrupted, his reason completely obscured and disposed to evil. And evil is pervasive throughout the entire cosmos. Sin and evil is not something “negative”, in that it is not the absence of something (good), but it has positive force, bearing its influence to resist good.

Through His goodness and common grace, God maintains the original creation so that earth is not complete hell, and man is not a complete devil. Just like the shards of a valuable vase that has broken and is therefore spoiled as a unit, are still pretty and can refer to the original beauty of the vase, so may motherly love, for example, still be something fair, although it has been affected by sin.

Man cannot save himself from sin and evil using his own power, exactly because it is an uprooting and apostasy from his Origin. Resultantly all human combat against evil is partial and regularly just succeeds in replacing one evil with another.

Only the atoning death of Jesus Christ on the cross, to Whom was given all power in Heaven and on earth, completely frees man from sin and the evil that is in the world, and this victory over sin and evil is alone through grace. Christ’s kingship and victory is universal and includes in principle all of creation and all its terrains. Only with the return of Christ will all be made new and re-created, heaven as well as earth, and will the elect be separated from the non-elect who will share in eternal damnation.

Even the faithful shares in sin and evil in the current dispensation, and the life and death struggle between the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness. This struggle is universal and reigns in the heart of every person, in every terrain of society and culture, thus including science, and demands from the faithful that everything he does be Christianized, not just church, religion and morals, but also all of society and culture, including science.

To be concluded…


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