John MacArthur on Why we believe the Bible is true

Pastor MacArthur has a hard-hitting message for the modern church here. He examines the culture of mediocrity, and how that has found its way into the church of today. This is one of the best messages I’ve heard on this topic. Please take the time to read it.

But that’s not what they get most of the time. Serious study of the Word of God, diligent hard labor in the text of Scripture in the original languages and racing throughout the analogia scriptura, the analogy of Scripture as it explains itself across the sixty-six books, the diligence required for that to bring up the rich treasure is not the interest of most pop Christian personalities. It was years ago that Jim Packer characterized evangelicalism in a way that I found to be exactly the way it could be characterized today. Nothing much is changed in the several decades since he originally wrote this. This he wrote in the preface to a reprint of Richard Baxter’s Christian directory. This is what Packer said in characterizing evangelicalism. He said, “It is ego-centric, zany, simplistic, degenerate, half-magic spell casting which is all the world sees when it watches religious television or looks directly at the professed evangelical community.” Pretty strong language from an Anglican. He further said this, “Our how-tos, how to have a wonderful family, great sex, financial success in a Christian way, how to cope with grief, life passages, crises, fears, frustrating relationships and what not else give us formula to be followed by a series of supposedly simple actions on our part in the manner of painting by numbers.”

Read the whole message here

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4 responses to “John MacArthur on Why we believe the Bible is true

  1. Thanks for pointing me to this excellant message. As one who hates the “dumbing down” throughout our society, I relished reading like-minded sentiments but set out so well in relation to Scripture. Also, this is a good site to bookmark, and to return to often for many more great articles to read.

  2. The message of eternal hope via the Biblical Gospel has been replaced by short-sighted psychological remedies for our temporal problems. How easy it is for the Christian to forget that we are citizens of another kingdom, and that the present kingdom we dwell in pales in comparison.

    “And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:27)

  3. I wish I could have said it better than Pastor MacArthur, but he hit the nail right on the head here.

    Who do you trust, God or yourself? Or do you just look for “good ideas” from the Bible? In our human-centric, increasingly secular society, the self-importance of people is king, not God.

  4. Another great book by Pastor MacArthur is “The Love of God.” I highly recommend it to anyone. It really cleared up a lot of misconceptions about God for me..

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