Tomb of Jesus – see for yourself

Lost Tomb of Jesus

You can go to that website and explore the case the authors are trying to make.

As expected, they expect us to make several leaps of faith here. I have not spent too much time there, but can already see several holes in the case:
1. They want us to believe that Mary Magadalene was actually called Mariamne – highly unlikely since names in those times were indicative of where a perosn was from, and this would be inconsistent with both the Hebrew root and history.
2. They tested only the mytochondrial DNA from the “Jeshua” and “Mariamne” ossuaries, and found they were not related, leading them to conclude that Mariamne was connected by marriage. However, mtDNA can only establish maternity, not paternity. That leaves a host of other possibilities open, since the paternal relationship was what determined family association. Mariamne could have been the wife of any of the males in the tomb, or a cousin from the paternal side.
3. The James ossuary, unveiled a couple of years ago, is positioned as the missing tenth coffin from the tomb. One small problem, that particluar ossuary was photographed in the 1970’s, years before this tomb was found.
4. Where’s Joseph? He was the paternal leader of this family, and there is no mention of him. No ossuary or anything. His absence is telling. There is a “Matia” (Matthew) there, who does not bear any obvious relationship to anyone there. Could he have been the paternal figure for the ossuaries here?

I’m sure others that have a lot more expertise in this area will do their own evaluation. I will link to that as I come across it.

Update: See here for more refutation:
The Jesus Tomb


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