The religious zeal of Darwinist atheists

John West has explored the religious fanatacism of Darwinists here:
The Gospel according to Darwin

I have long contended that Darwinism is inherently atheistic, because it removes God from creation. I still stand amazed that in view of such developments as described in the article, people still see Darwinism as a scientific theory instead of a pseudo-religion. Recent court decisions make the same assertion, yet the underlying principles of Darwinism are metaphysical, and do not withstand internal scientific critiques.

Hopefully, as Darwinists grow bolder, their religious agenda will become more apparent (and their motives will finally be accepted as such in the mainstream of society), and a fruitful debate can start, instead of the current materialist smokescreens.

PS: Thanks to an old friend for the following HT:
Beware of Darwin Day


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