Moral boundaries

This is what happens when the moral boundaries are removed….anything goes:
Pastor Who Performed Hundreds of Gay ‘Marriages’ Caught in Child Porn Bust

This person, who has the audicity to call himself a pastor, bragged about performing “hundreds” of “same-sex weddings”, has now been arrested on child porn charges. I guess his defense will be that Jesus did not mention gay weddings or child porn.

On a more serious note, once you ignore one moral principle, it becomes easier to ignore the rest of them. It is the crack in the wall that eventually leads to the collapse of the dam. In addition, how can this person claim to be a servant of God, called to holiness and setting an example in the image of God? One can only do that if one is Spirit-filled, which he clearly is not.

It is a consequence of the politically correct, human centric confusion that “pastors” can legally do one immoral thing, and get arrested for another. It is better to stick with Biblical morals, then there is no confusion. Especially for pastors.


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