Debate Help for Blogosphere Arminians

incrediblog!: Debate Help for Blogosphere Arminians

Gordan has some help for the theologically challenged. I’ve had most of these thrown at me, both in person and in the blogosphere. It would be even funnier if it wasn’t true.


7 responses to “Debate Help for Blogosphere Arminians

  1. Those are great. I would post them on the God and Science Board in some of my more recent debates. The only problem is that they are already there. 🙂

  2. I don’t pretend to fully understand Calvinism but any school of thought that advocates God’s total sovereignty cannot be that far off from the truth. Number 19 gave me a good chuckle, though. I didn’t know you guys were in the business of inadvertently converting the non-elect.

  3. Byblos,

    Remember Augustine brother. Remember Augustine…

    He was the first explicit advocate of “Calvinism” after Paul and John.


  4. August:

    I would do a list for Catholics but I’m afraid it’d be taken much too seriously.


    Yeah, I think that’s why at times Calvinism is viewed as a subset of Catholicism (Byblos ducks as he says that).

    On a more serious note, though, in my not-so-long-ago ignorant days of total human free will, shape my own destinity kind of believism, the self-inflicted burden was always on me to perform rather admirably, and what a heavy burden it was. Thanks to some very good friends, now I see that the burden is not mine but the Lord’s to bear. I am but a mere instrument in his hands. The tasks are still the same, perhaps harder. The load of carrying them out is much lighter.

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