Warning to America’s Christians

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, an orthodox Jewish rabbi, has written an excellent piece about the threat against Christianity in the USA.

A rabbi’s warning to US Christians

It is a piece that I think everyone who calls hemself Christian should read. The rabbi says:
The war is against those who regard the Bible to be God’s revelation to humanity and the Ten Commandments to be His set of rules for all time. Phase one in this war is to make Christianity, well, sort of socially unacceptable. Something only foolish, poor and ugly people could turn to.

Against the backdrop of the article I reviewed yesterday, he seems to be spot-on. It is time for Christians to be seriously introspective on this topic. The average church-goer seems content to watch the weekly sermon while sipping his latte, and leave feeling good about him or herself.

I have not heard too many pastors in mainstream churches speak out against what we are facing, either they don’t know, or they are content to preach prosperity and leave their congregations oblivious to the fact that there is a real war going on.

Atheists, communists and Muslims are battling a common enemy. That enemy is God, and His followers. This is not a surprise to Christians, throughout the millenia many enemies have come and gone.

I want to encourage everyone who reads this article by Rabbi Lapin to send it to as many people as they can. The message is relevant and may serve as a wake-up call.

One response to “Warning to America’s Christians

  1. It is good to see such support for Christianity, and the Rabbi is “spot on” concerning the dangers for all as Christianity is persistently demeaned and then eventually outlawed bit-by-bit by PC legislations.

    Don Feder, president of the organization called “Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation”, back in April 2005 at its inauguration, remarked:

    “Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation was organized because we recognize that Christians are the last remaining obstacle to the moral deconstruction of America, because attacks on Christians are motivated by hatred for the values they espouse.

    But the morality of Christianity is also the morality of Judaism – hence the expression Judeo-Christian ethic. By maintaining their loyalty to the eternal values revealed at Sinai, Christians have become pariahs in the eyes of the establishment, but heroes in our eyes.

    Finally, we understand that if Christians falter, America will fail – with disastrous consequences for Jews and Christian alike.”
    Read more

    He also says: “Why does the secular left hate conservative Christians? It’s less a matter of theology than morality.”
    YES. Do away with our Judeo-Christian heritage of certain moral absolutes and we can have abortion on demand, euthanasia, gay marriage, and a litany of other abolitions and the instigation of new-found “freedoms” amounting to total moral degradation and depravity.

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