Only one mediator

1Ti 2:5 For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, (ESV)

This verse is powerful. It describes the essence of Christianity in one sentence.

1. There is one God. There are no others. He is the only one, true, omnipotent, sovereign ruler of heaven and earth. He is God, not a collection of gods, not a quality assumed by all living things, not an opinion or illusion or wishful thinking. He simply is, and is God.

2. There is one mediator. Strongly implied here is our need for mediation. Fallen man needs representation. He needs someone to state his case, to collect evidence, to assume the role of knowledgeable intercessor. There is only one intercessor. There are not two or three, or many, just one.

3. …between God and men. Someone stands between us and God, and it is sin. Something else needs to come between us to fix that. Between God and man is seperation, and something is needed to bridge the seperation.

4. …the man Christ Jesus. Jesus is the Christ, the messiah, the bridge beween us and God. He knows us, He has all the evidence, He is our representative. He is the only man capable of breaking down that seperation. He is the God-man, fully human to first-hand experience and collect the case materials, and fully God to perfectly represent us. No-one else, in heaven or on earth, can do this.

Who represents you before God today?

If you should meet God today, are you doing so alone, or will Jesus be there with you?

Will He reach out, take your hand and lead you before the throne?

Will He speak up and say:”Father, here is your child. I paid for him with my blood, and he believes me. He wants to be with you, and I second the motion. I am proud to present him. His sins and imperfections are counted to Me, not to him.”

My prayer for you, everyone reading this today, is that you will accept the free gift that God is offering to you.

Accept the only mediator, Christ Jesus as your only representative before God.


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