Temporal and eternal

Firstly, I want to apologize for posting a bit more complicated theology lately. When I started out with the blog, I wanted to keep a nice balance of theology and more social issues, but it seems as if I cannot stay away from the theology.

Recently, in fact, over the last year, I have been studying the Dutch Christian philosophers, with a special emphasis on Hermann Dooyeweerd and to a lesser extent, Cornelius van Til. I am mostly presupposionalist in my apologetic, but also follow other apologetical approaches as necessary.

One of the recent issues that I read about was the relationship between temporal man, and that of eternal man. What are the differences and similarities? The more traditional approach distinguishes between body and soul, but Dooyeweerd has a different approach, that of a supratemporal man. His view of mankind comes from his view of time, and how time affects our temporal and eternal status.

In the debate over at Centurions Debateblog about the book of James, Jodie has made some comments about what James is referring to in his writings. In my interactions with people from the FG society, I have also encountered this argument, that James is merely referring to the temporal in his faith and works statements.

I will take a look over the next few days what that means, and whether it makes any difference whatsoever if he is referring to the temporal, which I don’t concede in any case.

So hang on to your britches, this is fixin’ to get complicated.

God bless.


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