The Dawkins delusion

Our old friend Dawkins, world renowned atheist, is making the rounds on talk shows to promote his latest book, The God Delusion. Some atheists are less than happy with his book, while others are happily proclaiming it as the the new standard for rational thought.

In his interview with David Quinn, the following exchange takes place:
Dawkins: What is faith? What is faith!?

Quinn: Wait a second! You have faith that doesn’t exist. You are a man of faith as well.

Dawkins: I do not! I have looked at the evidence!”

Sigh. The age-old argument, based on the inductive scientific method of Methodological Naturalism that there is no evidence for the existence of God. I’m afraid that Dawkins is once again proving that his philosophical skills do not match his vitriol and hatred of God and Christians. In fact, it seems pretty much non-existent.

Dear Mr. Dawkins, have you looked at all the evidence, everywhere? Have you combed the outer reaches of the universe? Have you considered every piece of historical and metaphysical evidence ever put forward for the existence of God? If not, then how much of the possible evidence have you looked at? 1%? 10%? How much evidence is needed, and what kind, before you will believe there is a God? I suspect, based on your numerous logical fallacies, and blind hatred, that you will not be interested in answering these questions.

Furthermore, by your own admission, you do not have an explanation for the free will of man, you just take it by faith that man has a free will. Just like you take by faith the reliability of your senses, your own existence, the validity of the scientific method, the laws of logic, and the expectation that earth will be tomorrow as it is today.

So you do have faith. You have faith that God does not exist, in addition to those objects of faith mentioned above. By your own definition then, you are deluded.

You can choose not to be deluded. God forgives all, His blood was sufficient to wash even your hatred and insults away. My prayer is for you to see your own ignorance in the face of God’s love and power, and come to know Him.

One response to “The Dawkins delusion

  1. This post is the best follow up to my Intellectaul deciet posts which are a philosophical approach to the denialism and illusions of atheism. Although written long time ago i am happy i have found it, it will add value to my next post on the subject which is primarily focused on gathering the evidence of god’s existence for the atheist to test.

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