The doctrines of unbelief

Those who don’t believe in God have their own doctrines, and since those of us who believe in the Doctrines of Grace have them neatly described, I thought I could also describe the doctrines of unbelief that I have encountered in debate.

1. Disbelief in the supernatural – Nothing exists outside the empirically verifiable.
2. Intellectual superiority – belief in the supernatural is irrational and therefore unintelligent.
3. Moral relativism – morals are a social construct, therefore your morals depend on the society you live in.
4. Worship secularism – all areas of society and life must be purged of religion, it should be confined to the churches.
5. Irrevocable scientific correctness – the results of methodological naturalistic science are always right, until improved upon.
6. Total materialism – every action is underlied by the need for material gain to ensure survival of the fittest.

So there we have folks, the doctrines of unbelief, easily remembered by the handy acronym:


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